" Arbor Day "

My Country, Iran has a semi-desert climate. According to statistics, Iran is the 83th among 187 countries ranked in ecology in the world. In recent decade, unconditional growth of cities, devastation of ecology and air pollution has caused many problems for Iranian public health. Special attention on Environment and green spaces in urban architecture is one of the most important factors in reducing the air pollution of cities and also the decoration of them; it also boosts the vitality and social health. Though the 5th to 12th of March is called The Week ofNatural Resources in Iran and every year in 5th of March, the Arbor day, some symbolic activities like plantation of plants by some top government officials and also the free distribution of saplings between the citizens are done, these activities are totally insufficient and had few results up to now.
Urban areas and the culture of its residents in Tehran as the 27th metropolis of world and Iran's capital, reveal that urbanization and temporary residential of citizens at particular areas have reduced the arboriculture at houses, especiallyin developing regions of this city. Absence of special gardeners for plants at houses and proficient preservation of planted trees with an irrigation of domestic water are the main reasons for the decrease in amount of arboriculture in the latest urban architecture of Tehran of 2014.
This Photo reportage includes the portraits of people, who are gathered at the 5th of March of this year, in order to get free saplings from booths governed by the city hall, at different parks of Tehran.