On the way to the seventh treatment plant

On the way to the seventh treatment plant 18

I am the project manager for the construction of a 46,000 cubic meter wastewater treatment plant on behalf of the employer in Mashhad. Due to the fact that the refinery is located ... (Read more)

Street Portrait Photography in Mashhad

Street Portrait Photography in Mashhad 49

This collection reflects the street portrait photos taken in the city of Mashhad. These photos are mostly taken at the request of the subject and some are also at the request of ... (Read more)

Some Portraits which are taken in snowy weather.

Some Portraits which are taken in snowy weather. 41

These portraits are capturing in from total strangers who passing by the street during a snowy

Banks, symbols of financial economy new dominance over the city

Banks, symbols of financial economy new dominance over the city 52

Banks, insurance companies and leasing companies are symbols that show the new dominance of the financial economy over city life. Symbols that were perhaps known with churches, ... (Read more)

Gaze Into The Mundane.

Gaze Into The Mundane. 54

These portraits of the passers-by of Laleh Park bazaar were obtained during two to three years of photography. Some of these portraits have been published under the format of a ... (Read more)

Documenting time-space in Wedding Photography.

Documenting time-space in Wedding Photography. 40

Documenting time-space by recording the lived experiences of men as the main extender of the chains of languages in a method and style of Wedding Photography. What is the important ... (Read more)

Street Organisms

Street Organisms 114

Whatever you see and give a name to it suddenly comes alive (life), and because it is alive, it is conscious and conscious, and through countless processes, in each of them, on the ... (Read more)

The Iranian Nose Surgery

The Iranian Nose Surgery 25

The number of plastic nose surgeries in Iran has established the first rate in the world. Though it is not published in any lists or charts - and none of the specialists in this ... (Read more)

Year_Second Perform

Year_Second Perform 44

The show "Sal_Sanieh" was performed every day in August and September 2014 in the abandoned tennis court of Saad Abad Palace, and it was directed by Hamid Pourazri. "Sal_Sanieh" ... (Read more)

The street section of the 33rd Fajr Theater Festival

The street section of the 33rd Fajr Theater Festival 122

Fajr International Theater Festival is one of the most important theater festivals in Iran, which is held every year in the decade of Fajr in the month of Bahman. This festival is ... (Read more)

When the Night Comes

When the Night Comes 60

When the Night comes, every thing has different story, even different shape and concept. when the Night comes my Song has begun; a hymn from a hidden

From my Rosary

From my Rosary 51

An anthology of my photos for a closer look to my

The Deja vu perform

The Deja vu perform 32

Déjà vu show directed by Masoud Karsif was staged in Iranshahr Theater, Master of Marines Hall in 2014. Author: Harold Pinter Director: Masoud Karsif Actors: Farrokh Nemati, ... (Read more)

Portraits of pilgrims of Imam Reza in Ashura

Portraits of pilgrims of Imam Reza in Ashura 56

These photos are from the pilgrims of Imam Reza (the eighth Imam of the Shiites) who came to visit the shrine of the Eighth Imam on the day of Ashura (the day on which the third ... (Read more)

Theaters & Performs

Theaters & Performs 32

The following collection is a not so serious elected of my photos that were taken during various performs & theaters at the request and need of the directors or for print in ... (Read more)

Tehran Railway Station

Tehran Railway Station 57

On 23 October 1306, in the presence of Reza Shah Pahlavi, the building of the Tehran railway station was broken into the ground in the southern lands of Tehran, all of which were ... (Read more)

Purebred Arabian horse beauty festival

Purebred Arabian horse beauty festival 28

The 26th National Arabian Horse Beauty Festival and the 6th Ikaho International Festival will be held from 29th of Bahman to 1st of March 2013 at the permanent place of Arvand Free ... (Read more)

Khashayar Alvand

Khashayar Alvand 9

Khashayar Alvand, the satirical writer and screenwriter of our country, passed away on Thursday March 9, 2018 due to a heart attack. Khashayar, the younger brother of Siros Alvand ... (Read more)

Celchela perform

Celchela perform 42

Chelchela perform in Hafez hall in Tehran in August 2017. women' rights and transsexual rights are the subject of this perform.

" Street Theater, a way to peace " 24

As a social phenomenon, street-drama synthesizes reality with imagination; and with inherent vigor of drama, internalizes this mixture for the the spectator whom has got the ... (Read more)

" Arbor Day " 27

My Country, Iran has a semi-desert climate. According to statistics, Iran is the 83th among 187 countries ranked in ecology in the world. In recent decade, unconditional ... (Read more)

The distortion of memory

The distortion of memory 6

Nowadays, the distortion of memory in the late capitalism and digital technology age, information is produced and maybe absorbed with a high speed. Today's time and place has ... (Read more)

"Timcheh Mozafarieh" 27

"Timcheh Mozafarieh" is the most popular, important and beautiful part of Tabriz old Bazaar. "Timcheh Mozafarieh" was built in 1887 by “Haj Sheykh Mohammad Jafar Ghazvini”, ... (Read more)

"Nothing" play 20

"Nothing" is a play which has recently staged at "Arasbaran" cultural center. This play is a kind of performance called "bilingual and interactive" drama. It commences by the ... (Read more)

Happiness and Football

Happiness and Football 38

Iranian people came to the streets to celebrate their defeat against South Korea in the World Cup Qualifying match, which qualified the Iranian National Team for the FIFA World ... (Read more)

In the way of Makran

In the way of Makran 20

Makran named to south west of Iran. This is the old name of Balochestan. Generally, the Baloch people who live by the Bahukalat river named them Mokrani. This land has a good ... (Read more)

"Mother Courage, Outside the Door" play 33

Author and director Sajjad Afsharian is showing his new play "Mother Courage, Outside the Door" at a theatre in Hafez hall, Tehran. The new play is based on "Mother Courage" by ... (Read more)

“Jinnee’s neonate in bare bridal chamber” play

“Jinnee’s neonate in bare bridal chamber” play 28

After the death of an Iranian family’s mother, odd events going to take place in the mother’s home with bitter disastrouses which frighten the family in the end.the play will ... (Read more)