"Nothing" play

"Nothing" is a play which has recently staged at "Arasbaran" cultural center. This play is a kind of performance called "bilingual and interactive" drama. It commences by the audience. The story is generally about social issues. This is mentioned in the play as "artistic occupations", and it is more pronounced in theatre. In this field, theater, because of the "mafia" that controls the business most of people are failed to find job and are forced to seek other occupations. This fact is reflected in the plot of play. We face another social issue in this story which tells us the whole melodrama. This theater is one of the scarce bilingual plays which have been performed in Tehran. .
The play is written by "Owdikmos Tsolakidis", and it produced by "Reza Gharib Zadeh" and "Alireza Nik Khah". Cast: "Sepideh Bejast ", "Shima Pilevari", "Darya Yaseri " and "Shadi Shah Ali " .