The distortion of memory

Nowadays, the distortion of memory in the late capitalism and digital technology age, information is produced and maybe absorbed with a high speed. Today's time and place has become so imbalanced that people want to generate and establish a situation which carries its memory or history in order to find a probable identity which he can account for his dreams and wishes. Regarding modern cameras, mobile phones, sharing web pages, and prevailing photos everywhere, it's not an easy job to explore the recesses of memory in family albums.
Memorial photos are the pretext for narration of our history, the history which has got more subjective this time. What that accounted as a part of history for us, can be different for someone else close to us or living in the same situation of ours. Today, accumulation is the only thing which has got meaningful so that personality has become the numerous scattering roles which are mingled with each other in a haphazard behavior.