Gaze Into The Mundane.

These portraits of the passers-by of Laleh Park bazaar were obtained during two to three years of photography. Some of these portraits have been published under the format of a photo collection called "The one who is dead will never die again" in the weekly newspaper Kihan Farhani. The mentioned collection emphasizes on man's neglect and ignorance of the present moment and the lack of complete and perfect experience of this moment and as a result of his continuous presence in the past or in the future. In these photos, the subjects staring at an external place shows their loss. It is as if people have been transformed, although their bodies are walking on the street, their minds and souls have been captured in another place and time. Interestingly, past and future time is an abstract and socially constructed concept, and therefore, the lack of understanding of the present moment in a person causes the aggravation of a large set of problems and complications resulting from it. Of those, maybe the increase in stress, worry and guilt, decrease in concentration, decrease in self-confidence and self-satisfaction are among its very harmful and dangerous side effects. Because when shame, torment of conscience and fear take control of a person, his self-esteem will disappear and therefore he will be deprived of the ability to express himself correctly and completely. Yes, self-esteem is important, which comes from the satisfaction of a person and his inner happiness from the experience of his life in the constant passing of his present and present moment, and it provides the reasons for him to blossom and become full. Strengthening the experience of the present is achieved by practicing more and more self-awareness (meditation and any self-aware behavior) and through it, a person will gradually achieve creation, regeneration, and creativity.