Year_Second Perform

The show "Sal_Sanieh" was performed every day in August and September 2014 in the abandoned tennis court of Saad Abad Palace, and it was directed by Hamid Pourazri.
"Sal_Sanieh" is about the concept of moment. Moments that come and go and we are caught in the middle. "Sal_Sanieh" is about selection. Our choices at every moment and knowing how much of us is for "the other" and how we can spend our moments in this situation looking at our inner interests and interests. The show is an opportunity to review the fact that our soul is tied to the soul of "another" and our life is meaningful when we are together!
The author of the play of this play, Nesmina Nowrozi, considers its main theme to be forgetting, this play is considered a work of women and all the actors are women."