The Iranian Nose Surgery

The number of plastic nose surgeries in Iran has established the first rate in the world. Though it is not published in any lists or charts - and none of the specialists in this field cannot prove this fact, the more or less-realistic speculated statistics which are assumed by the active constitutions in this field shows that 100-200 thousand plastic nose surgeries are operated annually in this country.

Right now, the amount of average cost for each nose surgery is between five to ten million Tomans.
The cost for liposuction of waist and belly is about three to seven million Tomans; facelift about three to ten million Tomans, and total facelift is up to fifteen million Tomans. While the average monthly income of urban people in Iran is much lower than these prices. Sometimes these surgeries can be of great importance for some people that Hanieh, a 35 year old clerk, takes a seven million Tomans loan from bank for her nose surgery.

In spite of its dangerous side effects, this surgery has a great impact on peoples' self-esteem, character, and satisfaction of those patients who has gone under operation.

This work is a visual report of one the nose surgeries which someone named Shokoufeh has gone through it in one of the clinics in Tehran which is favored by herself. Winter 2013.